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guacamole recipe simple

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How to prepare guacamole easily and very quickly

Do you want to travel to Mexico? You can do it with the palate with this delicious recipe for Mexican guacamole.

We could say that this classic from Mexico is liked by everyone, from the most radical vegetarian to the most passionate about barbecue.

A vegetarian recipe for which there is no single recipe. Something similar to what happens with Hummus or chickpea cream. I asked my Mexican cousins in Ourense how they prepare it. Bruno handed me the recipe that is most successful in his Bekas cafeteria.

Friends suggestions:

Some friends have told me that they love the one they buy in this or that supermarket, but I always tell them the same thing: “you haven’t tried homemade guacamole.

Once you take the step of doing it at home, you no longer change it. I hope you like the one we make at home even if it has tomato, it is light, refreshing and has a creamy texture, of great quality.

There are many types of guacamole, in Mexico each one has its own recipe that varies according to the region to which one belongs. Most with a spicy touch that for a Spanish is a little difficult to assimilate, although at home we like it very well.

Everyone agrees on the basic ingredients to use: tomato, onion, serrano pepper, coriander, lemon and avocado, the truth is that when a dish is simple and has four things, it is not necessary to add more and more ingredients, because it loses its true flavor.

avocado recipes

In Mexico, we can find two kinds of guacamole. If the avocado recipe is completely ground it is called aguamole. It is usually served in popular taquerias or mobile food stalls.

The version with avocado pieces that is usually prepared at home is the guacamole recipe easy itself. This delicious sauce is prepared in a plis-plas and is very simple, fantastic as an aperitif.

I hope you get your hands on the avocado and prepare it at home, it is a dish that triumphs among friends when they come to watch a game.


  • 6 medium avocados or 4 large ripe avocados (I recommend medium ones for their flavor)
  • 100 g. tomato (2 small tomatoes)
  • 100 g. onion (about 1 medium onion)
  • 1 whole lime
  • 1 tablespoon fresh coriander leaves (stemless)
  • Salt (at home)

To accompany:

Tortilla chips or corn triangles (nachos or frituritas)
Optional (if you like spicy, it is essential): 1 serrano pepper (if you can’t find it, you can use canned jalapeños, chili or cayenne)


  • Peel the onion and wash the tomato. We chop them very fine, as much as possible, that they are seen but that they are just right.
  • We choose some ripe avocados that are not too hard to crush, and the taste of ripe avocado is much better.
  • It must be mature but not soft, the skin must be firm and when pressed with the finger it will sink slightly.
  • If you bought them very green, you can wrap them in newspaper and leave them in a bowl at room temperature to ripen. Never in the fridge.
  • Cut the avocados in half to the bone and rotate each part separating the two halves.
  • We use a plastic spoon to empty the two parts and leave the bone in the same source. Where we are going to put the avocado.

How to mix avocado

  1. My cousin Bruno told me that in Mexico the ingredients are crushed with a molcajete or stone mortar. Although in Spain it is difficult to get it.
  2. I do it with a plastic or wooden fork and in a plastic bowl. In this way, we avoid oxidation and get a more or less irregular paste with stumbles.
  3. We add the lime juice directly on the avocado and start to crush with the fork.
  4. We add two tablespoons of coriander leaves. If they are very large, we cut them directly with our hands.
  5. We mix everything with the tomato and onion that we have reserved and a pinch of salt.
  6. We chop the serrano chile very fine. I usually wear gloves because spicy can be dangerous if you rub your eyes later.
  7. We add it to the mixture and put everything together with a wooden spoon with enveloping movements. So as not to vary the irregular texture of our sauce.


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