cuban mojito

How to make a perfect Cuban mojito

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How to make an authentic mojito.

This cocktail so famous worldwide makes the homeland of Cuba, the country that saw it born.

The mojito is one of the most popular drinks in the cocktail bar and since its invention numerous versions have emerged that vary from the original.

But to really enjoy the flavor of this Cuban cocktail, it is necessary to know step by step

how it is prepared, what ingredients it has and above all those little tips that the Cuban Johan Mallol will give us to prepare a mojito with perfection, energy and passion that comes directly from Havana.

mojito cuban
mojito cuban

Ingredients for How to make a perfect Cuban mojito

  • 2 teaspoons of white sugar
  • 8 mint leaves (2 mint sprigs)
  • 30 ml of lime juice
  • 60 ml. Cuban rum (we have used Havana Club Añejo 3 Years)
  • 1/2 lime, sliced or quarters
  • 120 ml. de Soda (Sparkling water with siphon)
  • Crushed ice or crushed ice
  • A few drops of narrowness (optional)

How to make the perfect mojito

To prepare a perfect mojito, you will need 6 fundamental ingredients: quality rum, peppermint, fresh lime, white sugar, ice and soda.

Without them, it would be impossible to achieve a true mojito. I leave you with the step by step to prepare a mojito in good condition, no strange basil from university parties or excessive birthdays.

A cocktail easy to understand, with a good balance between acid, sweet and aromatic, perfect to celebrate and refresh.

how to mojito cuban
mojito perfect

Preparation of the Cuban mojito recipe

  1. Much of a mojito’s secret is peppermint or mint (peppermint is a type of peppermint), although I like the taste and aroma of peppermint better.
  2. During maceration be careful and do not destroy the leaves, the idea is that their aromas and essences are released.
  3. We put sugar in the bottom of the glass. The glass must be glass, Collins type or Fizz type (like the one in the photo).
  4. The mojitos are made directly on the glass, without the need for a cocktail shaker. We pour the lime juice and with the mortar or a bar spoon, dilute the juice with the sugar.
  5. We tap the mint leaves a little to release their aroma and mash them a little with a pestle, pressing them against the sugar at the bottom. They should not be totally broken and crushed, because then the mojito is unpleasant to drink.
  6. Add the lime wedges to the bottom of the mojito and give it a few touches of mortar to release its juice a little. These pieces of lime will give it a more acidic and even more aromatic touch, but you must be careful because for many it may be too acidic.
  7. We pour the rum and fill the glass with crushed ice. Using plenty of crushed ice is the best option because the ice occupies larger dimensions in the glass and makes it cooler. Fill the cocktail with soda until complete, a few drops of narrowness (optional) and stir gently.
  8. Never add bitter, ginger ale, lemonade or tonic to the preparation, do not spoil the mojito (if you had better go without soda). The soda will cool the mojito more quickly.

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