Garlic Broccoli

How to Make Garlic Broccoli

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One of the healthiest vegetables there is broccoli but many people do not include it in their diet because they say it has a bland or tasteless taste. For all of them, today at recipe loves we will offer you a recipe that you cannot refuse: broccoli with garlic. It is a very easy dish to make, very fast and whose taste is anything but simple.

garlic broccoli recipe
garlic broccoli

  In a few minutes you can taste a delicious meal that children and adults will like and that makes the most of the properties of broccoli. Move to a healthy life full of fruits and vegetables learning new recipes that are different and very tasty. Keep reading and you will learn how to make broccoli with garlic.


  • 1 broccoli
  •   4 cloves of garlic
  •   1/4 cup chopped almonds
  •   Salt and pepper
  •   Oil
  •   Red paprika (optional)


  1. The first step to make this recipe for broccoli with garlic is to separate the broccoli. While in a pot bring to boil a little water with salt and a splash of oil. When the boil breaks you will have to add the broccoli so that it is cooked for about 7 or 10 minutes; To know when they are tender you will only have to prick the broccoli root with a fork and assess whether it is done or is still missing a little.
  2. As soon as the broccoli is ready you will have to turn off the heat. Strain them with the help of a drainer. To prevent it from becoming too soft, it is best that you immediately put the vegetable in a bowl with cold water. Now put it momentarily in the refrigerator for 2 minutes; then strain it again and extract the water to continue with our recipe
  3. Next, we will take the garlic cloves and chop them into small pieces; We will put plenty of oil in a pan (about 2 large tablespoons). fry the garlic over medium heat. Above all, do not leave the kitchen because you will have to stir the garlic to prevent it from sticking or burning with the oil.
  4. As soon as you see the garlic begin to turn a golden color, you can add the chopped almonds to give it a unique and delicious flavor. Here you can also add the pepper and, if you like it, you can dare with red paprika; then skip everything to integrate all the flavors.
  5. Now, all we have to do is add the broccoli to the pan and sauté it to mix the flavors. Taste the flavor and, if you want, rectify salt. If you like cheese you can finish your recipe by sprinkling some grated cheese on top. Very little, just to give it a different touch and ready to enjoy!

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