Margarita Recipe

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Within the world of cocktails, there are all kinds and it is very useful to know them. To know how to choose the one that best suits us according to the occasion. There are exotic and fruit cocktails, margarita recipe, others very refreshing, some that accept non-alcoholic versions. The others very appropriate for the appetizer and there are even some even a bit “dangerous”. Like this one that should be taken little by little and in small doses to enjoy it and not suffer it the next day.

This is the margarita recipe cocktail. I will show you how to prepare the margarita recipe with your recipe of proportions and ingredients. It is a cocktail originally from Mexico. The cradle of tequila, and regarding its origin, many theories have been formulated but it is not entirely clear. What is clear is that tequila always looks good with lime or lemon juice and salt (like when we drink it in a shot), and that’s what this cocktail is about. In Mexico, they take it in the aperitif, during the meal or even later. It is digestive but it is also ideal for the hottest nights for its refreshing and acidic touch. how to make a margarita

ingredients-best margarita recipe

  • 5 cl of tequila
  • 2.5 cl of triple dry which is an orange liqueur. Examples of triple dry spirits are Cointreau or Grand Marnier.
  • 2.5 cl of freshly squeezed lime juice and a piece of lime to wet the edge of the glasses.
  • Salt.
  • Ice

Preparation of margarita recipe

  1. Start with the decoration of salt from the cups, which is known as frosting. Pass a small piece of lime along the edge so that it gets wet, better if it is mostly on the outside and finite so that afterward there is not a thick layer of salt.
  2. Put plenty of salt on a plate and in a circle, making it coincide more or less with the diameter of the cup. Pass the cups over the salt so that it sticks.
  3. Squeeze the lime to extract its juice, you can use a file press that is most useful but also any juicer you use for lemons or oranges. There are those who prefer to strain it but I like it more without straining.
  4. If you have a cocktail shaker it is ideal especially if you are preparing more than one margarita cocktail although you can also do it in any other container that you can close and shake
  5. Pour half-ice into the shaker and pour the lime juice along with the tequila and the triple dry. Close it and shake very well until the shaker or the bowl is very cold.
  6. Serve the margarita cocktail in the glasses that we had decorated but without letting the icefall

Margarita Recipe is ready now. For more recipes visit our site

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